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3 Reasons Why Your Kids Need a Mini Trampoline

Jul 31, 2019

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Take a moment to visualize your current playroom, kid’s room(s), or family fun area. Is it missing something? You may recall piles of Legos, video games, and countless toys – is there a mini-trampoline? Research has shown that a mini trampoline can have a major impact on your child’s growth and development. Below are three reasons why your child needs a mini trampoline.



The joy of jumping on a trampoline is easy to achieve and it doesn’t require instructions, batteries or planning. The act of jumping releases endorphins in a natural way that can quickly swing your child’s mood in a positive direction. Skywalker Trampolines updated line of mini trampolines come in a variety of shapes and sizes that feature themes such as mermaids, dinosaurs, space explorer, and safari. Additionally, our new spring pads come in muted colors to appeal to little kids while blending into the paint color of your playroom.


Trampolines increase a child’s dual brain function, forcing body coordination upon landing and takeoff. This improves their gross motor skills by making the brain and the body work together in harmony. Besides strengthening the large muscle groups that are applied while jumping, research has shown that cognitive and neurological development is taking place at the same time. In fact, researchers have found a correlation between preschoolers who struggle when entering kindergarten and poor motor skill development.


Skywalker Trampolines meet and exceed ASTM safety standards. The updated line of Skywalker mini trampolines comes with a 360-degree padded handle to ensure safety and stability while jumping. Our mini trampolines also come with an enclosure net that attaches directly to the jump mat to eliminate dangerous gaps. To further promote safety, Skywalker trampolines have replaced the springs on mini trampolines with 36 stretch bands for added protection, making it the best starter trampoline for kids.

Our Skywalker mini trampolines are bound to put a smile on your kids faces for years to come. For more info on how to maximize your trampoline experience check out our “Top 10 Trampoline Activities” blog post.

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