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Five Trampoline Safety Tips

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If there were a Boy Scout badge for trampoline safety, we would have it. And we would wear it proudly! We know how important safety is when it comes to trampolines.

Are you playing it safe on your trampoline? Take a look at our five trampoline safety tips below:

Trampoline Safety Tip 1: No Kids Under Six

We’re not trying to discriminate against five-year-olds, we promise. But it’s important to note that kids under six should not jump on full-sized trampolines. Which can be especially hard for all of those four and five-year-olds who longingly wait for the day they can take their turn on the “big kid” trampoline.

There is a reason we recommend children be at least six-years-old. You see, children under the age of six are still growing and developing, and they’re particularly prone to a proximal tibia fracture, otherwise known as a broken leg.

Dr. Michele LaBotz, member of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) explained, “If you get an adult who’s about 170 pounds bouncing with a kid who’s 40 to 50 pounds, the recoil of the mat, when that kid lands — and especially if he’s not landing right — he generates about the same amount of force as if he went from nine feet (three meters) onto a hard surface. And you don’t think of that because the mat is soft and bouncy.”

Our Solution:

A proximal tibia fracture is more likely with young kids (usually ages two-five years) who jump on a full-sized trampoline with an additional heavier person. To significantly reduce this risk, we’ve provided an alternate option for little tots who want to hang with the big kids (because hey, we don’t blame you, kid. Trampolines are cool.)

The Skywalker Trampolines Mini Bouncer series is the perfect solution for providing small kids with a safe place to jump, explore, and learn. Our mini bouncers use stretch bands instead of springs, which provides a smooth jump for growing bodies. A 360-degree handrail also helps kids stabilize their bounce, teaching them movement control. So all in all, it’s a win-win.

Trampoline Safety Tip 2: One Jumper at a Time

Yes, we know this suggestion might seem a bit lame. Especially for those who have fond memories of “stealing someone’s bounce” and getting shot up so high they practically circled the moon and back. Ah, science.

But science also tells us that 75% of all trampoline accidents are caused by having more than one jumper at a time. Ouch. It makes sense, though. What starts as a friendly game of popcorn might end with a few bumped heads and a couple of tears shed.

Our Solution:

We know it might be hard for your little ones to wait their turn to jump and it certainly doesn’t sound as exciting to jump solo. That’s one of the reasons we’ve created a variety of trampoline accessories, allowing the whole family to play. Check out some add-ons that might be a game-changer for your family, including basketball hoops, a volleyball net, a double toss game, a bounce-back game, a football game, and more!

Trampoline Safety Tip 3: Don’t Jump Under the Influence

Don’t use the trampoline if you have been using drugs or alcohol.

Our Solution:

Don’t use the trampoline if you have been using drugs or alcohol. Also, drugs are harmful. Just Say No.

Trampoline Safety Tip 4: Watch Out for Wind

Windy conditions might not be the scariest of mother nature’s mood swings, but they can escalate quickly and create dangerous situations. The truth is that it can be quite hazardous to jump on your trampoline during high winds, or even stand near your trampoline in gusty conditions. Trampolines can become airborne, and cause significant damage to your property, your trampoline, and even yourself.

Our Solution:

First, it’s probably a good idea to lower the enclosure poles of your trampoline, as the enclosure net acts as a sail and can pick up your trampoline with a good wind storm. Second, it’s also a good idea to invest in steel wind stakes, which will help anchor your trampoline to the ground. Lastly, please don’t just stand by your trampoline when a storm is approaching. We don’t know why you would, but you better not.

 Trampoline Safety Tip 5: Check Below

This last one is pretty obvious: Make sure there’s nothing under the trampoline! The trampoline should be on a level surface and check underneath to make sure there are no toys, pets, chickens, little brothers or sisters, big pointy things, boulders, etc. It’s safe to say that the only thing that should be under your trampoline is grass. Or dirt depending on if your lawn isn’t doing so hot this year.

Our Solution:

To prevent animals, objects, (or small children) from camping out under your trampoline, a few of our accessories double as a safety barrier. Our Sure Shot Lower Enclosure Net Accessory Game is a net that wraps around the bottom legs of the trampoline and features a fun bounce back game for target practice. It also prevents small objects, animals, or children from venturing underneath the jumping area.

Skywalker Trampolines is committed to safety and follows the American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM) standards.

2 Responses to “Five Trampoline Safety Tips”

  1. George on 13 May 2017 at 10:16 am

    These should be handy for all parents! Thank you Skywalker Trampolines.

    How about the supervision of children? At what age should I let them play unsupervised?

  2. Skywalker Marketing on 15 May 2017 at 9:56 am

    Thanks George! And we recommend that children are always supervised when using the trampoline. It’s just better to play it safe!