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Happy Earth Day🌎

Apr 22, 2019

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Earth Day is here and to help draw attention to the waste crisis and its impact on our environment, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite DIY projects. Up-cycling is a great way to lighten your ecological footprint and show mother earth you care. 💚

Plus, these ideas are ingenious. Who knew an old trampoline frame could be used in so many ways!

1.Up-cycle your used trampoline frame into a gorgeous outdoor archway. Once the ivy spreads and starts to cover it, you just might have found your new favorite spot in the backyard to find out what happens next in that novel you’ve been meaning to finish.

Outdoor Archway

2. We love movies, but it’s hard to stay indoors on such beautiful summer nights. This outdoor movie screen solves all of our problems. Thank goodness for 2-day free shipping from Amazon Prime because we are going to need a video projector ASAP.

Movie Screen

3. Instant shade. ✅ While we are 100% for planting trees that not only provide us shade but clean our air, we are fully aware that they take time to grow. In the meantime, this will do.

4. The sound of wind chimes outside is mesmerizing. So why not make a giant one? That way the neighbors down the street can enjoy it as well. 😉

5. This one might require a little extra work and a handyman (or woman of course!) but boy does it look perfect for lounging.

We hope these ideas will spark more ways you can help the environment by extending the life of everyday items around the house. Plus, DIY projects are a rewarding way to use your imagination and spend time creating new things out of used items.

Happy Earth Day! 👣

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