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The Sports Net that Works for Just About Every Sport

Apr 9, 2019

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We set out to create a backyard training tool that can change and grow with your kids as they set out to find the sport that best fits them (and getting you the best return on your investment!). Our Sports Net works for several ball sports including soccer, football, baseball, softball, lacrosse, and even golf!

Between running kids to soccer practice and doing our best to show up on time for football games, keeping up with our children’s sports interests can be tricky as a parent.

Multi-Sports Net with a 15′ Round Trampoline

How often do we find ourselves supporting our kids in their newest sporting interests, spending money on team uniforms, new cleats, and club fees to have them lose their interest midway through the season?

It happens and we understand. Kids change. They are young, impressionable and trying new things. Which is just what we want them to be doing! We also understand that it makes it hard to spend a lot of money on extra training tools because we find ourselves weary about them sticking with it.

Training for Soccer with the Multi-Sports Net

Whether your child decides they want to be the next Mia Hamm (professional soccer player, two-time Olympic Gold Medalist) or walk in the footsteps of Aaron Rodgers (one of the best quarterbacks in the game), we have the perfect training tool for your family!

The Sports Net easily attaches to the enclosure poles of most trampolines (10-ft and larger). The double-sided mat works by capturing any ball while the net keeps it safely contained. The mat features target zones to improve your accuracy in various sports including baseball, softball, football, lacrosse, soccer, and golf – plus whatever else you can imagine! 

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