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Top 10 Trampoline Activities

May 30, 2019

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The world we live in today is full of incredible technological advancements. As a society, we have readily available to us a steady stream of information. Within 2.2 seconds we can have the answer to just about any question we have, or connect with our friends and family faster than at any other time in history. Think about it—you lose your phone. How would you call your child or your Mom?  How would you check your bank balance or check the weather (besides looking outside)?

What Can You do with a Trampoline

As a result of all of the technology, our children are spending more and more time indoors and less time outdoors, reaping the benefits that come with being outside. Unstructured outdoor play can entice children today, often providing more excitement and entertainment than a video ever could. “Open-ended toys,” like a trampoline, encourage children to create their games, with their own rules and “pretend play.” Pretend play, also known as Fantasy Play, helps kids learn impulse control, parallel play and helps strengthen executive function skills.

Additionally, jumping and playing on a trampoline make simple activities fun and engaging, providing hours of entertainment that is not only enjoyable but healthy, too. Bouncing on a trampoline is a natural form of exercise that can help with insomnia, help with your immune system, improves the lymphatic system, and assists with ADHD and ASD.

trampoline activities

Jumping on a trampoline burns about 20% more calories than jogging at five miles per hour. Six minutes bouncing on a trampoline can equal one mile of jogging. An average adult will burn around 42 calories for every 10 minutes they jump on the trampoline. It’s a smooth, fun workout that you can enjoy while playing with the kids. 

Top 10 Trampoline Activities for Kids

trampoline activities
  1. Play Picasso. Find the biggest box of sidewalk chalk and have a contest to see who decorates the trampoline the most creative. Clean up is as easy as one, two, three, squirt the hose.
  2. Giant Game of Twister. Use the sidewalk chalk to create a giant game of Twister. Your kids will have hours of fun making you or their friends contort your body.
  3. Memory – Jumping Style. The first jumper gets on the trampoline and makes one move. The next jumper gets on and has to make the previous move and add to the sequence with their move. The game goes on and on like this until a player gets the sequence wrong.
  4. A Trampoline Fort. Find some old sheets and using rubber bands attach the sheets to the tops of the enclosure poles. The sheets will provide shade and a “fort” for hours of entertainment. Kids can imaginary play, read, or have a sleep-over.
  5.  Light it Up. Take stringed lights and string them along the top of the trampoline enclosures, and hanging down on the sides. The lights illuminate the jump mat making it safer to jump at night. You can combine this with the trampoline fort.
  6. Trick Battle. Each person takes a turn doing tricks, trying to outdo each other.
  7. Star Gazing. Lay blankets on your trampoline’s surface and use it as the perfect place to watch the stars at night. Even better if you have a telescope.
  8. Outdoor Movie Night. Fill the trampoline with pillows and blankets, and enjoy a movie outside on the trampoline. You can watch it on a large laptop or use a cheap projector and hang up a white sheet as the screen.
  9. Mid-Air Photography.  Your trampoline is a great photography prop! Get your phone or your camera, have your kids’ jump and take photos or videos of them midair. You can then have the kids edit the images or videos into a short movie. Never know, it might get featured on our social media!
  10. Basketball. Play a game of basketball while jumping on the trampoline. Put a basketball hoop on the enclosure net and have a showy slam dunk contest to see who can do the most creative slam-dunk.
trampoline activities

What is your favorite way to play with your trampoline?

Think about it. A trampoline is a blank slate, and can be just about anything you can imagine it to be.

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