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Safe Family Fun. Safe Family Fun.

Safety Tips


! WARNING: To reduce the risk of serious injury, read and follow all of the warnings, precautions, and instructions in the manual before you assemble and use the trampoline and safety enclosure.

  1. It is the responsibility of the owner and supervisors of the trampoline and enclosure to make sure all users obey the safety instructions.
  2. The trampoline enclosure is to be used on all trampolines.
  3. Be sure the trampoline and enclosure are on a level surface before you use it.
  4. Be sure there is enough clear space above the trampoline and enclosure before you use it. It is best to have at least 24 feet (7.3 meters) of clear space above the ground. This space must be clear of wires, tree limbs, and any other possible hazards.
  5. Lateral (sidewise) clearance is very important. Place the trampoline and enclosure where it is not near walls, buildings, fences, sidewalks, and other play areas. Always keep a clear space on all sides of the trampoline and enclosure.
  6. Use the trampoline and enclosure in an area with a lot of light. If the trampoline and enclosure are indoors or in shady areas you may need to use artificial (electrical) lighting in the area.
  7. Be sure the trampoline and enclosure are only used with your permission. Always have someone there to supervise when they are being used. If you use a ladder to get on the trampoline, be sure it is removed when the trampoline and enclosure are not being used.
  8. Always inspect the trampoline enclosure before it is used. Make sure that the netting, enclosure tubes, and foam sleeves are correctly positioned. Replace any worn, defective, or missing parts. (Jumpers may be hurt if the trampoline and enclosure are used when they are in poor condition.)
  9. Remove any objects from under the trampoline and enclosure prior to use.
  10. Do not attach anything to the netting that is not a manufacturer-approved accessory or part of the enclosure.
  11. Bounce only when the surface of the mat (bed) is dry. There should be very little or no wind or air movement. The trampoline and enclosure must not be used in gusty or severe winds.
  12. These trampoline enclosures have various weight restrictions depending on the size of trampoline and children less than 6 years old should not use it.
  13. Do not let more than one person inside the trampoline enclosure at the same time. Two or more people jumping at the same time can cause someone to be badly hurt.
  14. Wear clothing free of drawstrings, hooks, loops, or anything that could get caught in the netting.
  15. Do not jump on the trampoline while you have or are holding any objects, especially something sharp or breakable.
  16. Do not use the trampoline and enclosure if you have been using alcohol or drugs. These things cause you to not be able to move as fast, have poor judgment, and have poor physical coordination.
  17. The trampoline should only be used when an older person, who knows the proper safety precautions, is there to supervise.
  18. Misuse and abuse of the trampoline enclosure is dangerous and can cause you to be badly hurt.
  19. Always climb onto and off of the trampoline. Never jump onto it or off of it. Do not use the trampoline to bounce you to other objects.
  20. Go into and out of the trampoline enclosure only at the door made for that purpose.
  21. Do not try to crawl under the netting.
  22. Do not try to jump over the netting.
  23. Do not try to bounce off of the netting.
  24. Do not hang from, kick, cut, or climb on the netting.
  25. The trampoline and enclosure frames are made of metal. They are not grounded and will conduct electricity. For this reason, an electrocution hazard exists. No lights, electric heaters, extension cords, or household electrical appliances are to be permitted in or on the trampoline or enclosure at any time.
  26. DO NOT attempt or allow summersaults on trampoline. Landing on the head or neck can cause serious injury, paralysis, or death, even when landing in the middle of the jumping bed.